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King & King’s vision is to bring together the people and the resources necessary to create an environment where honest hardworking professionals can spend every minute of every working day helping people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

“Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities” – Author Unknown


Are you ready to sell your business?

Selling a business can be a very complicated process which needs to be tended to carefully. Business owners spend years of hard work building up their business; they need coaching to make sure they get the best outcome when they sell their business.

  • Screening out non-qualified business shoppers
  • Keeping the seller (and his business) anonymous until a qualified buyer is found
  • Advising on where to find information regarding legal, accounting, taxes, etc..
  • And many other very specialized functions business owners may not be aware of

A knowledgeable, CBI business broker can make this complicated process much simpler and more streamlined. Please read through ‘The Selling Process‘ for more information on the steps in selling a business. Our proven “Ten Step” business marketing program ensures our clients the maximum exposure in the marketplace.

Become a King & King Business Broker

King & King has developed a business broker opportunity, a nationwide business brokers network, that is second to none. This opportunity allows entrepreneurs to build their own business brokerage firm without paying the typical franchise royalties. K&K capitalizes on the fact that most people prefer to use business brokers who specialize in the local community, not a generic sounding and impersonal business franchise.

By committing to this opportunity you will gain access to expert business broker consulting and training that is not offered by other, similar business franchise programs. This is not a franchise, but a branding solution that utilizes local familiarity to attract your customers.

NOTE: Business Brokerage services are not available in every state at this time. In those states King & King acts as a “Buyer Referral” service to owners who wish to sell in a private transaction.

King & King, based out of Maryland, is quickly building a nationwide network of business brokers with local affinity. Capitalize on this lucrative biz opportunity and realize your entrepreneurial dreams: become a business broker today..

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