Tax Issues for Buyers and Sellers to consider.

Our friend, and trusted advisor for many business Buyers and Sellers, Mr. Ed Kidner, Esq. of Dearson, Levi & Pantz, PLLC Attorneys at Law, has prepared this white paper for us to bring to you.

Edward F. Kidner is an experienced tax, business and transactions attorney and seasoned legal advisor to businesses and business owners. He is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant and holds his Series 79 and 63 securities licenses, which provides a unique and more encompassing analysis to the legal counsel he offers.
In the area of business transactions, Mr. Kidner has served as an advisor on numerous transactions ranging in size from $1 million to more than $2 billion. He is aque and more encompassing analysis to the legal counsel he offers.

Important Issues In Acquisition and Disposition Transactions[1]

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An Alternative Way to Value a small Business

Valuing a Small Business


Spanning my 30+ years of experience in buying and selling small businesses, both for myself and for others, (my firm has successfully sold hundreds of small businesses), I have come to the conclusion that basing the value of a business more on the industry than the economics of the specific business is a folly.

My White Paper (click An Alternative Approach to Valuing a Small Business to download) will explain in more detail why I believe an economic approach to business valuation makes much more sense than applying an arbitrary “multiple of discretionary earnings” rule of thumb to determine the value of a small business. In a nutshell, the value of a future income stream should not be determined by the specific industry a business is in rather than the actual quality of the income subject to specific business factors and risk.

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How to Sell Your Business Profitably

Each year, hundreds of owners sell their small businesses due to boredom, retirement, illness and death, partnership disputes, and overwork. Let’s take a look at some tips about how to sell your business and maximize profitability.

King and King- Selling Your Business

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Mastering the “Elevator Speech”

Elevator pitches, or speeches, are the average length of an elevator ride of 30 seconds. They should be persuasive, memorable, interesting, and also need to explain what makes you and your business unique. Here are some points on how to craft a great pitch:

· Identify your goal
· Explain what you do
· Communicate your unique value proposition
· Engage with a question
· Pull it together and practice
· Leave behind a business card or company brochure

Example: “I work with small to medium size technology businesses to help launch important new products, improve profitability, and attract more clients than they could possibly handle. Can we schedule a meeting to discuss how can I help you?”


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Maryland-Not a Business Friendly State

Again, Maryland end up in the bottom half of the list when it comes to how we treat businesses. No businesses-No Jobs, why is this so hard for these Liberals to figure out?

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