Selling a Pharmacy business in Colorado

Pharmacy owners all over the country are paying too much to sell their businesses.

Pharmacy owners who use KKBA to sell their pharmacy businesses save money.

At KKBA we don’t really care whether you call yourself a “Coloradan or a Coloradoan,” we can sell your DME or Pharmacy business for the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, under the best terms, and at a price that saves you significant money.

A recent industry survey reported that a majority of brokers around the country charge fees in excess of 12% and some as high as 15%.  Additionally, many charge upfront fees and some a monthly fee to market the business.  At KKBA we work solely on a performance basis.  If we don’t find the right buyer and get your business settled-we don’t get paid.  We work like this, assuming the risk we assume, because we know we will get the job done.

Even though most of you Coloradans/Coloradoans feel very strongly that no other state can compare to yours, we can make a comparison when it comes to selling Pharmacy businesses. We have sold Pharmacy businesses in most of the states and though each state is different, most of them have more in common than not.

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Our Track Record Speaks Volumes

After over ten years and hundreds of transaction we can boast about our 100% success rate selling pharmacy businesses.  We have never had a pharmacy business listed that we were unable to sell.

One Hundred Percent Club

KKBA-10 years of sales of pharmacy businesses with 100% success rate.

To learn more about how Colorado deals with licensing, business sales and business transfers of Pharmacy businesses, check out the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy website.

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KKBA salutes the men and women of the United State Air Force.

Colorado Facts and Trivia
1. “Beulah red” is the name of the red marble that gives the Colorado State Capitol its distinctive splendor. Cutting, polishing, and installing the marble in the Capitol took six years, from 1894 to 1900. All of the “Beulah red” marble in the world went into the Capitol. It cannot be replaced, at any price.
2. Colorado is the only state in history, to turn down the Olympics. In 1976 the Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver. 62% of all state Voters choose at almost the last minute not to host the Olympics, because of the cost, pollution and population boom it would have on the State Of Colorado, and the City of Denver.
3. The United States Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs.
4. The world’s largest flat-top mountain is in Grand Mesa.
5. In Fruita, the town folk celebrate ‘Mike the Headless Chicken Day’. Seems that a farmer named L.A. Olsen cut off Mike’s head on September 10, 1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner – and Mike lived for another 4 years without a head.
6. The LoDo region of Denver stands for Lower Downtown.


Colorado-Home of the cheeseburger.

7. Denver, lays claim to the invention of the cheeseburger. The trademark for the name Cheeseburger was awarded in 1935 to Louis Ballast.
8. The highest paved road in North America is the Road to Mt. Evans off of I-70 from Idaho Springs. The Road climbs up to 14,258 Ft. above sea level.
9. Colorado means “colored red” and is known as the “Centennial State.”
10. King & King Business Advisors are the DME and Pharmacy owners best friend when the time to sell comes.

A precautionary note about Pharmacy licensing provided by our friends at LicenseLogix

The Pharmacy industry is regulated by both federal and state law. Every state in the country requires pharmacies to be properly licensed before they can legally operate within its borders. The type of pharmacy license required depends specifically on the activity being conducted. License types include, but are not limited to, pharmacy manufacturer license, pharmacy wholesaler license, pharmacy importer/exporter license, pharmacy re-packer license, and pharmacy retailer license. Pharmacy employees are regulated as well, requiring licenses to act as a pharmacy technician, a registered pharmacist, and an intern pharmacist.

For state specific information regarding the regulation of Colorado pharmacies, please visit their website at Colorado State Board of Pharmacy.

If you have read this far and have decided to list your Pharmacy with KKBA, mention this page when you speak with Mr. King, our founder, or Mr. Blum-VP of Medical Sales, and we will credit you $1,500 good towards your brokerage fee at settlement.